All Bespoke and Made-To-Measure orders for new clients require at least two to three fitting appointments. The first fitting appointment starts with taking the client's measurements. In this initial meeting, the type of footwear, toe shape, leather choice, and design will also be discussed.  


During the second and third fitting appointments, the client will try on a pair of test shoes to check the fit and to see if any other modifications need to be made to the last or design.


Once the client is satisfied with the fit, then the final pair of shoes will be constructed. Upon completion, the final pair of shoes will be delivered to the client. For the first pair of shoes, the entire process generally takes around six months for delivery. Consecutive shoes made on the same last have a shorter wait time as the proper fit for the client has already been established. 

Note: For subsequent pairs of shoes constructed on the client’s original lasts, test shoes are not required.